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Nematoma Sue Online

Nematoma Sue

(Invisible Sue)
Balsai: 1
6.1 IMDB
Trukmė: 1 Val. 30 min.
Kalba: Lietuvių k.
Kokybė: WEBRip
Režisisavo: Markus Dietrich
Aktoriai: Ruby M. Lichtenberg, Anna Shirin Habedank, Lui Eckhardt, ...
Filmo siužetas:
Following an accident in her scientist mothers laboratory with the new wonder fluid NT26D, which is designed to fight illnesses genetically, 12-metai-old Sue - Ruby M. Lichtenberg, now has the unique ability to make herself invisible. So when Sues mother is kidnapped right before her very eyes, she is just the girl for the job. Together with Kaya (Anna Shirin Habedank), a rather nerdy girl of the same age who could teach James Bonds Q a few things, and Tobi, who not only looks good and has the hots for her but can also do amazing things on his bicycle, Sue and her friends combine their strengths and talents to free her mother, unmask the conspiracy behind her disappearance and bring the truth to light.

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